Welcome to South West Vermin & Weed Control

Tractor300South West Vermin and Weed Control was established to service the pest plant and animal requirements of private and public agencies across the Southwest region of Victoria.

The company holds a Commercial Operator Licence. We have a ten million dollar General/Public Liability Insurance Policy, Occupational Health and Safety Plan with Workcare Cover. Job Safety Analysis are carried out prior to each job to minimise risks to Health and Safety.

We service many Government bodies including Vicroads, Parks Victoria, Department of Primary Industries, Corangamite Shire, City of Warrnambool, Moyne Shire, Wannon Water and numerous Landcare groups located between Geelong and Warrnambool in Western Victoria.

Established in 1998 the Company now boasts 5 Full-time Employees who all hold Agricultural Chemical User Permits endorsed for 1080.

The main services offered are:

* Weed Control and Advice, including spot spraying, boom spraying and physical removal.

* Vermin Control and Advice including rabbits and foxes using poisons, fumigants and harbor destruction.

The Company is equipped with specialized equipment including:Lc_Boomlast

* 2 4x4 Landcruiser Tray fitted with 1000 litre Unit, complete with Boom and spot spray gear

* 4x4 Landcruiser Tray fitted with 1000 litre Unit and 12 metre Boom Spray.

* 4x4 Hilux Tray fitted with ‘Quikspray’unit complete with 2 reels of 150 metre hose lengths

* JCB Fastrac fitted with 2400 L Hardi Unit and 20 metre Boom, GPS Guidance and Steering                      

* 4x4 Yamaha ATV fitted with 70 litre unit and 3 metre Boom.Old_Hilux   

* MF Tractor fitted with 600 litre spray unit          

* Bait-layers, bait cutter and mixer for rabbit poisoning.

* Fumigator.

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  Contact Rob Millard on 0418 587 919.